Ragged Edge - The Story before In His Steps

Ragged Edge – Prequel Short Film

The story of a man as he struggles to find a job to support himself and his daughter, and the constant difficulties and hardships he faces. Eventually, he is forced to take to the road in search of any kind of work… and the hope to keep going.

Released in 2011, Ragged Edge reveals how Jack Manning became the homeless wanderer who disrupts the comfortable routine of the First Church of Raymond in In His Steps.

  • Ragged Edge - The Story before In His Steps

Based on characters from In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon

Cesar Marquez as Jack Manning
Victoria Marquez as Felicia Manning
Ken Lawrence as Pastor Henry Maxwell

Writer, Director, Producer - Zack Lawrence
Executive Producer - Ken Lawrence
Original Music - Amity Sampley
Director of Photography - Dave Shaver

Filmed in Norwood, Colorado

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  • Scene: “Let Go”

  • Scene: “Bad Nacho Song”