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  • Laura Seabrook as Rachel Winslow in IN HIS STEPS

    Laura Seabrook as Rachel Winslow

    Laura Seabrook, who plays aspiring singer/songwriter Rachel Winslow, grew up in a small village which lay hidden less than an hour outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   Constructed by a Swiss designer to resemble his homeland, it was the perfect childhood realm for little Laura, a world of beauty and fantasy destined to be discovered!


  • Ken Lawrence as Henry Maxwell in IN HIS STEPS

    Ken Lawrence as Henry Maxwell

    Ken Lawrence, who plays pastor Henry Maxwell, is an actor, voice actor, author, film producer, public speaker, and life coach.  He began his acting career in high school performing in church musicals.  He studied acting and radio/TV announcing at Northern Arizona University, and went into broadcasting and worked for several radio stations.  Through the years, he has acted in church plays and done professional voiceover work for radio and TV commercials. (more…)

  • Rebekah Cook as Virginia Page in IN HIS STEPS

    Rebekah Cook as Virginia Page

    Rebekah Cook, who plays spoiled heiress Virginia Page, is a Christ-follower, actress, singer/song-writer, and wordsmith. She lived in Spain for over nineteen years before moving stateside to pursue her passion for screen acting. (more…)

  • Kent Cox as Alex Powers in IN HIS STEPS

    Kent Cox as Alex Powers

    Kent Cox plays harsh businessman Alex Powers. With church stage productions under his belt, In His Steps marks Kent’s screen debut. He’s joined on the cast by his wife Nanci, who plays his on-screen wife Brittany Powers.

  • Cesar Marquez as Jack Manning in IN HIS STEPS

    Cesar Marquez as Jack Manning

    Cesar Marquez plays homeless man Jack Manning.  Born and raised in Laredo, TX to Juan and Elma Marquez. Cesar was the youngest of three. Serving as the prankster of the family. Since an early age Cesar liked to entertain by putting on magic shows and making friends and family laugh by playing characters from his favorite films. His antics spread to the classroom quickly making him the class clown. (more…)

  • Stacey Bradshaw as Loreen in IN HIS STEPS

    Stacey Bradshaw as Loreen

    Stacey Bradshaw, who plays girl-on-the-run Loreen, has had a passion for acting since she was a young girl.  Performing in theater since she was 16, she now fulfills her lifelong dream of acting in films.  She has the unusual situation of being 26 years old, but looking young enough to play a teenager, which helped her land her first leading role in a feature film, Touched by Grace. (more…)

  • Rich Swingle as John Gray in IN HIS STEPS

    Rich Swingle as John Gray

    Rich Swingle, who plays soup kitchen proprietor John Gray, has performed and taught on five continents, in 25 nations, and in hundreds of venues, mostly with a dozen one-man plays he has written or helped develop. (more…)